Show Off Your Car

Choose our auto detailing shop for a spotless shine in Lufkin near Diboll, TX

The next time you pick up a friend or a special someone for a date, don't worry about cleaning your car. The Detail Shop in Lufkin, TX near Diboll offers interior detailing and exterior vehicle detailing services and can get your car ready for you. Whether you're cleaning ahead of an event, or you just want your car clean for your daily commute, we'll put in the elbow grease needed to give you a perfectly clean space. Our hardworking team loves cars and enjoys making them look beautiful.

Have a car that you're proud to show off. Contact our auto detailing shop today to clean it up.

What detailing services do we offer?

A car is a lot more than four wheels and an engine. Not only is your car a major investment, but it's also something you love. If you're the type of car person that names their car and takes maintenance seriously, putting a little extra work into keeping your car clean is the least you can do. You can bring your car to us for:

  • Interior detailing - deep clean your car's interior
  • Exterior detailing - wash, buff and wax your car's exterior
  • Full vehicle detailing services - get an interior and an exterior detail
You can select your services from our price sheet to build your own cleaning package if you're interested in a custom job. Our team of brothers loves cleaning cars and meeting the needs of our customers. Call 936-404-6148 today if you have any questions about our auto detailing shop.